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  • .........HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jackson Morhardt, and other famous people!......Six WINS Teams advance to Championship games at ZG "CT. Clash" tourney ~  3 WINS Teams secure Championship titles: Congratulations to Boys 14u, Boys 13u, and Girls 13u! .......Congratulations to 2017-18 WINS players selected All-State: Emily Renzoni (Class S) and Maddee McGee (Class M)......14 former WINS players currently on college basketball rosters......follow us on twitter: @WinsForLife
Welcome to WINS For Life, home on the web!
* Congratulations Tournament Champions!
Boys 14u, Boys 13u, & Girls 13u win Championships!
(Girls 17u, Boys 16u, & Boys 15u also advanced to Championship Games)
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   Boys 14u, Tourney Champs: 4/8/18    Boys 13u, Tourney Champs: 4/8/18      
Girls 13u, Tourney Champions (4/8/18)
Congratulations to Notre Dame-bound Nate Laszewski (3-year WINS player).
He won the U.S. Marine’s H.S. 3-point shooting contest in San Antonio, Texas.
* Congratulations WINS 2017-18 All State selections! *
Emily Renzoni (Class S) & Madee McGee (Class S)
in the past two high school seasons 7 WINS players have been selected All State!!
Akok Akok (#57 ESPN "Top 100" rankings) & Coach Tom Espinosa   
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  WINS For Life was established with you in mind. Our mission statement
  is “to assist as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible”.  
  This is achieved by hosting a variety of educational events and services 
  for children and adults. Our primary focus is to provide educational   
  and motivational services for athletics, schools, after school programs, 
  and human services. We also specialize in all areas related to the sport of
  basketball. Our experienced and dedicated staff provide professionalism, 
  quality of work, personal empowerment, and fun in everything we do.     
  Please get familiar with WINS For Life by exploring our web site. There is
  much to share with you. Thank you for taking time to learn more about us
  We hope to see you soon. Best wishes to you and all that you value.   
David Vasquenza

WINS For Life is sponsored by the Basketball Hall of Fame. 

We have been hosting clinics there since 2010. 
WINS has hosted 9 clinics at "The Hall" during 2016-17!  
"The Basketball Hall of Fame has hosted and conducted countless clinics, and  David Vasquenza and the WINS For Life staff have been second to none. They truly embody not only the fundamentals of basketball, but overall life skills. They have a passion for educating the importance of healthy choices, positive decision making, and an overall sense of self worth. You will learn far more than basketball fundamentals if you participate in a WINS For Life clinic. Their ability to motivate and encourage is something that can only come with passion and I assure you, the WINS For Life staff has that passion. You are truly missing out if you have not experienced all that WINS For Life has to offer!"  
- Jason Fiddler, V.P. Sales, Marketing & Operations, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame


WINS clinics: "60 Days of Summer" at The Hall!


Congratulations WINS 17u Team:  2017 High School Awards!

5 WINS players voted ALL-STATE!!
  Dan Brocke:  Class L: All-State (2nd team)
  Ethan Burke: Class S: All-State (2nd team)
  Daquan Carr: Class S: All-State (2nd team)
  Marquis Hawkins:  Class S: All-State (2nd team)
  Andrew Jaworski: Class M: All-State (1st team)
2017: 8 WINS players voted All-Conference, 1 Honorable Mention!
  Dan Brocke:  CCC All-Conference, selected to Senior All Star game
  Daquan Carr: NCCC All-Conference; All-Tourney team (NCCC Play-offs)
  Ethan Burke: NCCC All-Conference, selected to Senior All Star game,
                         All-Tourney team (NCCC Play-offs)
  Chris Towey: Southwest All-League
  Josh Baskin: NCCC All Conference
  Larry Okonya: CREC All-Conference (top 5)
  Marquis Hawkins: CREC All-Conference (top 5), Senior All Star game,
                                  MVP Senior All-Star game 
  Matt Marx: Southwest All-Division
  Mike Hogan: Southwest All-Division (honorable mention)
    2017 Boys 14u Tourney Champs          '17 Girls 16u ZG National semi-finals
2015: 16U Boys ZG Championship
2015: 16U Boys Trailer
2015: 14U Girls Highlights
2015: 14U Girls Trailer
2015: 14U Boys Highlight
2015: 14U Boys Trailer
2015: 12U Girls Trailer
2015: 12U West Trailer
2015: 12U Boys East Trailer
2014: 14U - Brewster NY
2014: 15U - Shelton's Game Dunk
2013: 13U - Championship
2013: 12U - Overtime Win
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